Who is FORMation?

We are forms experts

FORMation, the electronic forms division of Problem Solved, is devoted exclusively to electronic forms. We have been developing electronic forms for Spectrum clients since 1993. This level of experience has helped FORMation develop the necessary methods and controls that ensure outstanding results. These results do not happen by chance; they come from expert knowledge of the Document Form Image (DFI) programming language, Adobe Output Designer (formerly JetForm Design), and Minisoft eFORMz.


We create smart forms

Our approach to form design on the Spectrum system is to develop a form that is efficient and accurate. This means that we program your forms to use as much intelligence as possible to reduce the work your staff must do.


We deliver results

Over the years we have designed and implemented thousands of forms for Spectrum clients. This experience has taught us that a form design project must start with good communication. When this works properly and there is a clear understanding by both sides, we can then focus our efforts in producing high quality deliverables.


We can take you to the next level

FORMation also offers reviews of your current forms to ensure they are designed efficiently.


Call us at 707-447-6487 for the best in form design.