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Automated solution streamlines the card reissue process

Are you frequently dealing with compromised cards? Do you identify the accounts involved, send letters, reissue cards, and send PIN mailers in a manual inefficient way?


Our Compromised Card Solution handles these for you by:

Our Compromised Card Solution is built around our powerful Cardbase Conversion Utility.


This utility accesses the old compromised card record and then creates a new card record with a new primary account number (PAN), new expiration date, and a PIN offset that allows the PIN to remain the same.

Advantages of keeping the same PIN:

Additional features:


Some credit unions still utilize the same primary account number (PAN) for all cards of a certain type on an account.


If you have this situation and want to move away from this design in an automated way, we have a solution.


The Cardbase Conversion Utility has the ability to create unique PANs for all cards within an account, even if they are not currently unique. This works with separate records for each card or when a single record contains the names for two card holders. In this secondary case we can do one of two things:

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