These products have been developed to streamline your workflow on the Spectrum System. We are continually developing new business solutions for your operational needs and constantly improving the products we offer here.


We want to be your vendor of choice for developing custom solutions. If you have a specific need not listed below, the solution you are looking for may just be a phone call away. Please contact us and let us help you.


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  • ACH Database Maintenance Utility more »
  • ACH Exception Processing Efficiency Package
  • ACH NOC Automation Program
  • ACH pre-edit program
  • ACH XREF-FILE create/update for changed account
  • Format tagfile and report for ACH - file format for OFAC
· Address Change
· Branch Automation
· Card (ATM/Debit/Credit)
· Extract
· Fee
· Instant Issuance
· Interface
· Notices/Statements
· Operational
· Rate/Limit Changes
· Reports
  • ACH Exception Processing Efficiency Package
  • Address Change - Audit Control Letter Automation more »
  • Address Change - Potential Fraud Report more »
  • Address Comparison - Third Party
  • American Express Travelers Checks Extract
  • Creat collections and flag 13 reports
  • Custom Management Statistics Report
  • Drawer Adjustment Report
  • Format Tagfile and report for ACH - file format for OFAC
  • Insurance Penetration Tracking
  • Lease Payment Summary
  • Loan Package Investor Reconciliation
  • Loan Totals Report
  • MRM Statistical Report
  • Partial Payment Report
  • Reports daily deposits and disbursements
  • Risk Report
  • Sales Tracking and Productivity
  • Share Excess Balance Report
  • Teller Statistics Report
  • Transaction Reporting Summary
· Risk Management
· Spectrum Deconversion
· Transaction Activity
· Utilities
  • ACH Database Maintenance Utility (maintenance) more »
  • ATM Record Purge Program (maintenance)
  • Automated IRA Plan Creation more »
  • Branch Reassignment based on ZIP code (maintenance)
  • Commander (data change)
  • Convert File Record Format Utility
  • Cross Reference Utility
  • Database Update Utility more »
  • Decode Member PIN
  • Format tagfile and report for ACH - file format for OFAC (tagfile)
  • IRA Plan Conversion
  • Joint Owner SSN Update more »
  • Load Log
  • Memo Orphan - ID and purge orphaned memos (maintenance)
  • Memo Update Utility (data change)
  • Multiple Tagfile Processing Utility (tagfile)
  • NACHA - Format File Fix Program (maintenance)
  • Tag Split Utility (tagfile)
  • Tagfile Resequencing Utility (tagfile)
  • Tagfile Utility (tagfile)