Custom Development Solutions

When it comes to automation, there is nothing quite like a solution that is built to your specific needs. Done properly, such a product can pay for itself in operational efficiency.


We offer many different custom solutions. In some cases the best solution is to develop a program that will run directly on the core Spectrum platform. This type of solution works especially well for batch-type processes. We have significant experience with core system development with nearly 150 products currently in place.


Sometimes a client needs a product that integrates with Spectrum in a real-time processing mode. These types of solutions are normally built using Pathways as the interface to Spectrum. However, there are times where an ODBC solution is acceptable.


We have also developed solutions that include the integration of a core-based application and a corresponding PC or browser-based solution. In these cases, we may use the core product to intelligently extract the required data and then utilize a Windows-based application to automatically create a series of spreadsheets based on the incoming data.


We certainly want to be your vendor of choice for developing custom solutions. We have the experience to offer you a quality product at a competitive price. We can also provide a faster turnaround time than other vendors.


Please contact us. We may have already built the solution you need.