We are passionate about everything that we do in finding the right solutions for our clients, because our success depends on their success. So, if you’ve been told something cannot be done, call us! We can make it happen!


We offer the following services for your Spectrum system:


· General Consulting Assistance
  • New module/product implementation
  • Automation improvement
  • UC4 schedule system
    • Revamp/optimization of existing setup
    • Training
· IT Support
· Training
  • Spectrum and HP-related IT training
  • Online Spectrum related training
  • Project related training - We will train your staff about a specific area of the system by assisting with the completion of a project
· Data Processing Operational Review
· IRA Plan Implementation
· Mergers
· In-house Credit Card Conversion & Deconversions
  • Project management
  • Conversion programming
    • credit card related data
    • transaction history
  • Front and back office training