Credit Union Consolidations…Mergers

Many credit unions find themselves with merger opportunities due to the current economic situation. When you are evaluating the possibility of a merger there are many different issues to consider. Two of those are: the actual data conversion required to bring another credit union’s information into your system, and the corresponding operational changes to merge processing. This is where Problem Solved can help.


We have completed many data and operational conversions over the last 16 years. These include credit unions from numerous platforms, as well as a number of Spectrum to Spectrum mergers.


We developed a number of specialty programs to aid in the process of completing the entire merger project, allowing us to provide solutions many others do not offer. These include an ability to reissue cards for the merging credit union members while keeping the same PIN. Small details like this make life easier for your “new” members.


Our significant experience with ACH processing on the Spectrum system allows us to provide unsurpassed assistance with this critical portion of a merger project. This may seem like a simple process since your IT staff is already handling ACH activity every day. The combining of two institutions requires experience to ensure you get the best solution that handles the new members’ needs without negatively impacting your existing members.


We even offer the option of converting monetary transaction history. Though this is a time consuming process, it helps keep the member satisfaction level high with your new members. Since today’s members have 24-hour access to so much data, it can be very difficult to explain to them why they suddenly have no access to transaction information on activity that took place just days ago.


If you are looking for a solid vendor to help you ensure a positive merger experience. Look no further...Problem Solved.